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GayedTex Company is a manufacturer for textiling yarn, known as one of the leading producers in Egypt. This company was established in 1989 by two brothers, Nessim Gayed and Samy Gayed, by only producing Draw Texturizing Yarn (DTY) with German. more...

Texturizing Yarn

  • Draw Texturizing Yarn (DTY): With the German ‘Barmag’ Technology of the Draw Texturzing machine, GayedTex manages to produce high quality DTY and is able to develop this polyester yarn with resilient additives including; antistatic, anti-bacterial, cationic dye, flame resistant, sunlight resistant, and the like.

Drawn Yarn

  • Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY): Using German ‘Barmag’ Technology, we produce dope dyed FDY as a one step process. This process is used from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chips directly to the filiment process, which then guarentees top quality of FDY.
  • Twisted Yarn:

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